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Top seven foods to crush the hangover

Top seven foods to crush the hangover

Top seven foods to crush the hangoverThese seven foods will help to escape the misery of hangover after heavy consumption of alcohol.


Banana contains healthy amounts of potassium. It is an instant energiser that can help to bounce your energy levels back up.

Ginger lemon water

Dehydration can be the prime cause of a hangover. Ginger and lemon concoction is very hydrating.


Almonds are full of magnesium. It relaxes head and neck muscles tension, a much-needed therapy after consuming alcohol.

Cucumber mint juice

Cucumber and mint juice is also hydrating and soothing for the body. It helps in bringing down high blood pressure caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol.


Buttermilk is a natural probiotic that has a soothing effect on the colon and helps in promoting healthy gut microflora and revives digestive health.


Made of fermented black lentil and rice, idli is a hangover warrior. It also provides instant energy like bananas.


Raisins are one of the tastier food to cope with the hangover.

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