Know all about the Superfoods


Know all about the Superfoods

Know all about the Superfoods

 Know all about the SuperfoodsThe term, Superfood, became part of the diet and nutrition in the decade of 1990s, around the time a cookbook, Superfoods, written by alternative medicine practitioner Michael Van Straten, was released. So, Straten is known as the person who coined the term. Here, we are describing three other important facts about the Superfoods.

1. Superfood is widely agreed to indicate a list of fruits, berries, seeds, and roots that contain an unusually large share of nutrients and have a usually low-calorie count. Blueberries, kiwi fruits, quinoa, kale leaves, chia seeds, and many more other fruits complete this list.

2. The quinoa grain is 14 to 18 percent protein and is high in fiber content while Chia seeds are 16 percent protein and are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

3. For vegetarians, Superfoods offer a miraculous source of Omega 3 and the protein, normally found in large quantities in fish and meat.

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