What Is A Wedding Really All About…?


What Is A Wedding Really All About…? Featured

brideA wedding is a significant cultural and often religious event that publicly symbolises a number of different things to the couple, the guest and society.

A wedding is generally in several parts, each with its own significance and it seems that exactly what weddings are all about or are perceived to be about changes with time and has different interpretations among different generations.

Up until the late 1970s marriage the reasons for marriage had always been relatively clear. People married because it was the accepted social norm, and the required pre-cursor to starting a family and setting up home.

Church attendance has declined more dramatically over the last few decades, but back when marriage was ‘the norm’, the prevalence of church weddings implied a greater importance being place on the orthodox religious significance to the ceremony.

The numbers of people who are getting married at all in the UK is however generally in decline.

The nature and composition of UK society in terms race, religion, culture, beliefs and behaviours has changed, diversified, widened and become enriched with more choice and more definitions and interpretations of what a wedding day could be like.

The actual reasons why a specific couple marry each other vary between cultures but some of the essential ingredients that are widely believed to make those marriages stronger tend to include compatibility on various levels, mutual respect, and love.

Wedding days are also often as much about sharing and coming together with family and close friends as they are about the legal, religious, or historical cultural aspects.

One thing therefore that the majority of marriages in the UK have in common is the need to celebrate the union between the couple and their families, often in style and after the formalities a wedding day often culminates in wedding party or disco.

Wedding DJ Jason Dupuy gives his insight into what that part of a wedding is really about. “Organising a wedding can be stressful for couple and the ceremony can often be quite nerve racking for them. The formalities and locations are unfamiliar for the guests so when everybody finally gets together in one place with their close friends and family they really want to have fun, let their hair down and enjoy themselves and enjoy the occasion.”

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