Wink, Satirical Monthly Magazine, Launched From Mysore


Wink, Satirical Monthly Magazine, Launched From Mysore Featured

Mysore: A new satirical bilingual monthly magazine called the 'Wink' has been launched from Mysore.

In its earlier avatar, the Wink was published as a student magazine from St. John's College, Agra by Brij Khandelwal. Now his daughter Mukta Gupta settled in Mysore has decided to resume its publication.

Mukta says, 'there is clear dearth of publications specialising in wit, humour and satire. The tribe of great cartoonists is also near extinct. South India, particularly, Kerala and Tamil Nadu had a lively tradition of satirical magazines, but now cartoons are considered a waste of space by newspapers.'

Asked why a printed edition, when online publications are becoming popular, Mukta said, "we had conducted a sample survey and found most serious readers still preferred a hard copy which they could read at leisure, store, underline and quote."

Wink has a select audience of literary people, departments of literature in various universities. Mukta said "wit and satire is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires special insights and writing flavours and perhaps a degree of cynicism to pen a good satire."

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