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Brihadeeshwar Temple : A Marvel To The South Indian Architecture

The Brihadeeshwar temple at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, is the world's first complete granite temple. Brihadeeshwar temple is the best example of excellent workmanship, grandeur and it has stood the testimony of time with its magnificent central dome which is a great attraction for one and all. The temple has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


What's Behind The Resurgence Of Religion In China...?

Philadelphia: China watchers are reporting another lifestyle shift in the world’s third largest country: the resurgence of organized religion. James Carter, professor of history and director of the international relations program at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, says this cultural change is a legacy of the opening and liberalization of China that began after Mao Tse Dong, Supreme Leader of the communist nation, died in 1976.

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