Cellular Jail: An Embodiment Of Sacrifice

बलिदान का मूर्त रूप है सेल्युलर जेल“Oh, my dear Motherland, why are you crying?

The rule of foreigners is about to end!

They are packing up!

The national shame and misfortune will not last long!

The wind of freedom has begun to blow,

Old and young are yearning for freedom!

When India becomes free,

‘Hari’ will also enjoy his freedom!” (Read in Hindi: बलिदान का मूर्त रूप है सेल्युलर जेल)


Chenani - Nashri Tunnel: An Infrastructure Marvel In Kashmir

India's longest highway tunnel 

Nestled amidst picturesque valley, snow capped mountains, lush-green meadows and tall trees, Jammu & Kashmir is an absolute visual treat. The road journey between Jammu and Srinagar leaves one spellbound. But the natural beauty apart, the route is also a difficult one with long, winding roads that tend to get blocked in inclement weather. But very soon people driving on this route will not only have their journey time cut by two hours, but will also experience the pleasure of driving through a world class technical marvel. The 9.2 km Chenani-Nashri tunnel near Udhampur will enhance the drivers’ pleasure many fold once it is opened to traffic.


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