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Infertility Specialists Rejoice Nobel Prize To Edwards Featured

Agra's Dr. Narendra Malhotra with Nobel Prize winner Robert Edwards.Agra (India): "It is a great day and occasion to celebrate. The Nobel Prize for medicine has finally gone to British researcher Robert Edwards, pioneer of in vitro fertilization, who produced in 1978 the first test tube baby Louise Brown who is now a mother of a normal conceived female child," said Dr. Narendra Malhotra, former president of the Federation of Gynaecological and Obstetrics Societies of India.

In a chat with Dr. Narendra Malhotra said: 'Prof. Patrick Steptoe from Oldham, Manchester have been neighbors of late Dr. KK Gulati, brother of Dr. Prabha Malhotra. In 1978 Dr. RM Malhotra and Dr. Prabha Malhotra visited the Oldham Hospital where the first test tube baby was born and have interacted with late Prof. Patrick and Prof Robert Edwards.'



'When Louise brown was born in Oldham, Dr. Malhotras were there and congratulated these two stalwarts. ‘Since 1980's we have been in touch with Prof. Robert Edwards teachings and have attended many training courses done by him and have interacted with him at all the ESHRE conferences and IFFS conferences.'


'Nobel Prize been given to such a person for medicine is indeed a great honor and a recognition of the IVF works by HIM and by all of us ART SPECIALISTS. This should have come earlier. A Nobel prize to a person dedicated to alleviate INFERTILITY shows that attention has to be paid to these infertile couples (15% of young population). This Nobel prize will recognize the importance of test tube baby centers in India and world over and we will now hope for the government to take a serious note on bringing down the custom duties on the equipments and drugs used and so we can offer these treatments to the under privileged. We all IVF-ART specialists of INDIA are proud and happy and feel that all of us have been awarded.'

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