Hind-Balooch Forum Supports Freedom Struggle Movement In Baloochistan


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Hind-Balooch Forum Supports Freedom Struggle Movement In Baloochistan Featured

Agra: Members of the Hind-Balooch Forum have expressed their full support for the freedom struggle movement in Baloochistan.

An office bearer of the Forum Pushkal Gupta told Samiksha Bharti News Service that a conference on the Baloochi Movement unanimously demanded that the Indian government should accord full support and back the agitation for freedom of Baloochistan from Pakistan.

A former director of RAW, RSN Singh said support for the Balooch movement was in India's interests. Azad Baloochistan can prove economically beneficial as it had huge deposits of natural gas, copper, gold, crude, he said.

A Balooch leader, Prof. N Qadri, in his recorded video message for the conference said Pakistan was a cancer for the whole world which was under constant threat from terrorism nurtured by Pakistani outfits. Qadri wanted people of India to support the Baloochi movement for freedom from Pakistan.

The Forum members said more than eight lakh Baloochis were living in India, half of them in UP. Ballochis were grateful to Indian prime minister for supporting their cause.

A large number of local RSS and BJP leaders participated in the programme.

According to old timers Agra had a sprawling colony of Balochies, called Billochpura and had regular trade links with the region.

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