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Diabetes may cause problems with your feet too

  • Published in Health

Diabetes may cause problems with your feet tooDiabetes is a serious disease that affects various parts of your body. In terms of the feet, it can lead to nerve damage, causing a loss of sensation in your foot. It can also affect the blood supply to your feet, making it difficult for injuries to heal.


Vanishing Forests Of Braj Mandal: A Cause For Concern

  • Published in Agra

Mathura: Lakhs of Sri Krishna devotees from all parts of the world visit the Leela Bhoomi of Radha Krishna in Braj mandal but the legendary gardens and forests where the gops and gopis played, the holy cows grazed, and Krishna performed his Ras Leelas have all but disappeared and in their place have come up concrete structures and temples of ugly lucre.

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