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Can Psychological Stress Cause Vision Loss..?

  • Published in Health

Psychological StressPersistent psychological stress, which is widely recognized as a consequence of vision loss, is also a major contributor to its development and progression, according to a study recently published in the EPMA Journal, the official journal of the European Association for Predictive, Preventive, and Personalized Medicine. Clinical practice implications of this finding include a recommendation to improve the clinician-patient relationship and provide stress-reduction treatments and psychological counseling to interrupt the vicious cycle of stress and progressive vision loss.


Six Tips To Survive Stress During Holidays

  • Published in Health

Six Tips To Survive Stress During HolidaysOften referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays also can be the most stressful. According to a 2015 holiday poll conducted by Consumer Reports, Americans are most stressed during the holidays by long lines (68 percent), racking up debt (32 percent) and seeing certain relatives (20 percent).

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