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What Causes Sensitive Teeth...?

What Causes Sensitive Teeth...?An ice cream cone on a hot July day can be a tasty way to beat the heat, but if you’re one of the millions of people who have sensitive teeth, then that cold treat can be a real pain. So, what causes your teeth to fear the sweet embrace of cold, delicious treats—or, on the other hand, a good cup of hot coffee? An expert from the Texas A&M College of Dentistry explains what causes sensitive teeth and how to strengthen your pearly whites.

Healthy Heart In 20s = Healthy Brain In 40s

Healthy Heart In 20s = Healthy Brain In 40sPeople who take simple steps to keep their heart healthy in young adulthood, such as exercising, eating a healthy diet and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol, may keep their brain from shrinking decades later. People who take care of their heart health in young adulthood may have larger brains in middle-age, compared to people who do not take care of their heart health, according to a study published recently in the online issue of Neurology.

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