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Wearable Devices For Early Disease Monitoring, Diagnosis

Wearable Devices For Early Disease Monitoring, DiagnosisResearchers from the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed an integrated system for early diagnosis of diseases using wearable monitors. Able to continuously monitor physiological indicators without disturbing the user, the system can repair itself in the event of a tear or scratch and receives the energy required for operation from the wearer.

Six Years Of Exercise May Be Enough To Change Heart Failure Risk

Six Years Of Exercise May Be Enough To Change Heart Failure RiskBy analyzing reported physical activity levels over time in more than 11,000 adults, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers conclude that increasing physical activity to recommended levels over as few as six years in middle age is associated with a significantly decreased risk of heart failure, a condition that affects an estimated 5-6 million people.

Best Of GST Is Yet To Come…

जीएसटी का सर्वोत्‍तम नतीजा आना अभी बाकी...New Delhi: Center celebrated the 1st GST Day here on Sunday. Addressing the distinguished gathering Union Minister Arun Jaitley recalled the pre-GST taxation system in India was one of the most complicated tax systems in the world. Multiple taxes, multiple returns to be filed by assesees, interface with multiple tax authorities, cascading effect of taxes, rising inflation, no free flow of goods across the country, fragmented markets across the country, inter alia, were some of the tenuous issues plaguing the indirect taxation system in India. GST has persuaded people to do businesses in a transparent manner without evading taxes, Jaitley added.

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