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Flood Situation In Agra Worsens

Agra (India): The flood situation in the Agra region took an alarming turn as the water level in Yamuna crossed the medium flood level of 152.09 meters, submerging most of the Taj Heritage Corridor and the waterworks, cutting off supplies to half of this Taj city The river level is feared to touch 152.4 meters Monday morning, according to officials here.

Infertility Specialists Rejoice Nobel Prize To Edwards

Agra's Dr. Narendra Malhotra with Nobel Prize winner Robert Edwards.Agra (India): "It is a great day and occasion to celebrate. The Nobel Prize for medicine has finally gone to British researcher Robert Edwards, pioneer of in vitro fertilization, who produced in 1978 the first test tube baby Louise Brown who is now a mother of a normal conceived female child," said Dr. Narendra Malhotra, former president of the Federation of Gynaecological and Obstetrics Societies of India.

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