AMU Teachers Alarmed Over Lack Of Security On Campus


AMU Teachers Alarmed Over Lack Of Security On Campus

AMU Teachers Alarmed Over Lack Of Security On CampusAligarh: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) teachers have expressed concern over deteriorating law and order situation on the campus.

In a resolution they have asked the vice chancellor to stem "the rot as this is casting a shadow over the unblemished image of the protectors of our nation's frontiers and guarantors of its integrity."

The teachers' body said two recent incidents had alarmed them as the trend demonstrated the growing feeling of insecurity on the campus despite "the presence and control of distinguished erstwhile members of the services."

It may be mentioned that the AMU is a unique institution being run by retired officials of the Indian armed forces. "The top positions are held by ex-servicemen," a teacher (not wanting to be identified) said.

S Mustafa Zaidi, secretary of the Aligarh Muslim University Teachers Association said a resolution passed unanimously had highlighted two recent incidents. 

"One, the most unbearable, tragic and condemnable incident of firing, that resulted in the reportedly total loss of vision with over hundred pellets in the brain of a brilliant M.Tech. student Kaleem Ahmad, who had successfully competed in the Railway Engineering Services in North India and was about to join, is beyond horror. We extend our heartfelt sympathies and whatever help we can, to the victim, his hapless parents, friends and relatives. The careless approach of the University is demonstrated by no FIR being filed about the casual open use of firearms that resulted in this terrible injury."

"The second incident of the attempted abduction of a University student (reportedly a case of mistaken identity) by police within the campus also shows the extremely sorry state of relations between the Civil Administration and the University. The broad daylight murder in Sep. 2015 of another student Alamgir for which we all demanded a CBI enquiry, remains unsolved. The Executive Committee condemns these and similar incidents and is forced to question all claims of excellence and ranking and development when the lives, liberty, security of the students that is a sine qua non for any academic institution is at stake."

The teachers' association appealed to the Vice-Chancellor and other members of the University Administration "to take urgent steps to stem this rot, as this is casting a shadow over the unblemished image of the protectors of our nation’s frontiers and guarantors of its integrity. Lest this be taken as an endorsement of the closing of gates and restriction of movement on the campus, we would clarify that an academic free and open atmosphere is fostered, by actions against antisocial elements and not by targeting dissenting voices. It needs to be emphasized that a demonstrable will to go after lumpen and antisocial elements is more important than proclamations and declamations."

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