Aligarh's Nobel Contribution In Health Informatics At BU


Aligarh's Nobel Contribution In Health Informatics At BU

Aligarh: Garima Kumari is a computer science graduate from Mangalayatan University, Aligarh is contributing immensely in Health Informatics Program at the Boston University.

Her computer skills are used by the University for analyzing medical research papers and for applying this analysis in the assessment of medical algorithms. This whole project is an important part of Health Informatics Program in the United States and it is one of the flagship program implemented by the US government.

Garima is a B.Tech (CS) pass out student from Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mangalayatan University and is currently pursuing MS in Computer Information Systems at Boston University. She is also assisting a dedicated research team in Metropolitan College's Health Informatics Research Lab at Department of Computer Science. Her team includes Prof. Vladimir Brusic, Associate Director of the Health Informatics Program, Associate Dean Lou Chitkushev-Director of the Health Informatics Program, Assistant Professor Guanglan Zhang, Faculty Coordinator and Dr. Jing Sun.

This program is dedicated to equip students for future requirement of America's health sector. The US government has implemented The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act and allotted 27 billion US dollars to fund the adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records.

It is believed that this would revolutionize health care by enabling physicians and care providers to access comprehensive patient records and treatment history.  A vast number of professionals are required to implement this program, especially those who possess interdisciplinary knowledge of health care and information technology.

Medical professionals along with IT experts can develop effective algorithms, analyze large data and provide tolls to help visualize that data for end users. The Boston University is one of the few Universities in the world offering such types of programs for students. Being an IT savvy country, India's brilliant students are always attracted by this sector.

I want to work in the health care industry and studying health informatics aligns my undergraduate focus in computer science with my career goal. Also, IT lags behind significantly in the health care industry. This program would certainly bridge this gap', she said.

She says that The Health Informatics Program is producing a top quality pool of talent for the health Industry that will positively affect patient care in multiple ways. She urged students from other disciplines to come together and align their career with this program to fulfill burgeoning needs of Health Informatics.

Remembered as a soft spoken and hard worker by the faculty members, she was one of the brilliant students of the IET. 'Garima was the dedicated student of the year 2008 batch. She continuously pursued her projects and always keen to know more about the subject', says Assistant Professor Vikas Solanki.


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