One out of two kids misses out key nutrients


One out of two kids misses out key nutrients

One out of two kids misses out key nutrients

One out of two kids misses out key nutrientsOne out of two kids ages nine and up are not getting enough calcium, vitamin D and potassium they need to grow, learn and play.

Milk is the top food source for these nutrients, which is why experts, including paediatricians, recommend real dairy milk as part of kids’ diets to ensure they have nutrients they need to be set up for success.

Experts recommend that kids should get two and a half servings of milk or milk products each day and kids aged nine years and up should be getting three servings each day. But by the time kids are nine, three out of four are falling short on the recommended amount of milk and milk products.

Experts also agree that milk remains a great way for kids to get their bone-building nutrients, even more so than non-dairy milk fortified with calcium, which doesn’t have the same nutritional value as real milk. Only real dairy milk offers a full array of bone-building nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, potassium, protein and phosphorus.

Substituting milk with non-dairy calcium sources like fortified soy milk and leafy greens can lead to gaps in other key nutrients like protein, vitamin D, phosphorus, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin B12.

The good news is that serving milk isn’t a food battle moms have to fight. Kids love milk, in fact, 41 per cent of kids would drink more milk.

When kids come home from school, they can seem like hungry monsters, looking for the closest snack to keep their hunger at bay. By pouring a glass of milk alongside afternoon snacks, moms can feel good knowing their kids are getting nutrients they need.

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