Top 10 golden rules for road safety


Top 10 golden rules for road safety

Top 10 golden rules for road safety

Top 10 golden rules for road safetyFollow these top 10 golden rules while you are on the road.

1. Allow pedestrian to cross first at uncontrolled zebra crossings. They have the right of way.

2. Always use seat belts. Seat belts reduce chances of death of a car occupant in the accident by over 60 percent.

3. Obey traffic rules and signs to prevent road accidents.

4. Obey speed limits for your own safety. In residential areas and the market places the ideal speed is 20 kilometer per hour and the limit is 30 kilometers per hour.

5. To prevent frequent breakdowns and difficulty in controlling vehicle always keep vehicle fit otherwise it may lead to accidents on the roads.

6. To avoid distractions never use the mobile phone while driving.

7. Always wear a helmet to protect your head while riding a two-wheeler. A good quality helmet reduces the chances of severe head injury by over 70 percent.

8. To ensure your own safety, never drive dangerously.

9. Never rage on the road and be courteous. Share the road with all.

10. Be responsible and never mix drinking and driving.

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