Punctuation In Text Helps Replace Cues Found In Face-to-Face Conversations

ConversationsEmoticons, irregular spellings and exclamation points in text messages aren’t sloppy or a sign that written language is going down the tubes — these “textisms” help convey meaning and intent in the absence of spoken conversation, according to recently published research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.


Do You Share Fake News On Social Media?

Do You Share Fake News On Social Media?Recent research, information re-sharing on Social Network Sites in the Age of Fake News, conducted by Dr. Mehrdad Koohikamali, assistant professor in the School of Business at the University of Redlands, and Dr. Anna Sidorova, associate professor of information technology and decision sciences at University of North Texas, looks at resharing behavior on social network sites (SNS) and how the perception of the three dimensions of information quality—reliability, relevance, and enjoyment—could influence users’ intention to re-share the content they see on SNSs.


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